We were lucky to study at one of world top business schools - Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. The courses were extremely useful for us.

The course in Persuasive presentation by Prof. Evelyne Peirce was great. Selling/buying yourself and your ideas is not the easiest part of the job. And for those who does not have to that everyday the course is crucial.

Course in leadership taught by Dr. David M. Krackhardt was instrumental in spotting informal power base and groups of influence and in dealing with real power situation in a company. Change Management course by Prof. David Lassman was very timeous. We learnt how to find the best strategies, instruments, people and time for changes and to make them as painless as possible.

All companies proved to be unique as well as American business style. Corporate social responsibility and personnel development, customer satisfaction and innovative business models were discussed with top management of the companies from different industries.

Ms. Tetiana Pylypchuk, Director of Advertising and PR for “Everest”, MBA-2010;  

Ms. Anna Rodnenkova, Advertising and External Relations manager for “Provision Group”, MBA-2010

International study tour is international practice-oriented compulsory program component which is organized jointly by MIM-Kyiv and its western partner business school. Study tour program, first of all, includes visits to the companies, successful in their market segment.

During their company visits the students have the opportunity to

  • Acquaint themselves with company’s development strategy
  • Discuss company management process, approaches to competitive strategy development and product promotion techniques with company senior managers
  • Evaluate competitive advantages, macroeconomic and cross-cultural differences in doing business.

Study tour program also includes courses run by their authors, famous foreign professors. The students receive foreign business school certificate, provided they successfully complete their study tour.

MIM-Kyiv Students’ Study Tours: Highlights 

Study tour to Canada for «MBA in Healthcare» students (2010)

On May 2, 2010 Healthcare MBA participants started their study tour to Canada. Canadian healthcare system and management is considered to be a good example for Ukraine’s healthcare system and newly established national healthcare industry.

Study tour to Hong Kong (2010) (Diaries)

Study tour to USA (2009)

On June 28 – July 13 MIM MBA students (evening groups) went on their study trips to Teppers School of Business (the US), MIM-Kyiv’s long-time partner. The study trip fell into two parts: classes at Tepper’s and company visits to industries’ leaders. “The slogan of the US study trip is “From personal effectiveness to company competitiveness”, said Ms. Valentyna Demianenko, Director of Innovative Teaching Technologies Center at MIM-Kyiv. “But this year the focus shifted to better understand current economic situation how different business leaders and university professors approach to it. And the whole program was supported by a number of cases.”

Study tour to Hong Kong (2009) (Diaries)

Study tour to USA (2008)

Personal effectiveness is a key to company’s competitiveness. That was the focus of this year study tour of second year MBA students’ study tour. Tepper Business School at the Carnegie Mellon University, MIM-Kyiv’s almost a 15-year partner assisted in organizing the tour.

Study tour to Belgium (2006)

The program lasted for 17 days and included the following workshops: “European Integration (Doing Business in Europe)”; “Business Strategy of Competitiveness”, “Managing Projects”; “International Marketing”; “ Strategy of Working with Consumer”, and “Managing Personnel”.


 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)