Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) globally recognized degree for business elite. MIM-Kyivs DBA programme is about theory and practice of doing business under uncertainty.

According to the international requirements the programme falls into 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Advanced Management International Studies AMIS. AMIS is a programme designed and delivered by the team of international and MIM-Kyivs professors, academia and business people, and C-level executives of international companies from different industries across the globe. It is delivered in Kyiv, Ukraine and falls in the following blocks: Analysis, Marketing, Innovation and Strategy;
  • Module 2: selection of the research area, writing and approval of the dissertation proposal and appointment of the research international and/or Ukrainian supervisor;
  • Module 3: research, its results publications and defense of the dissertation.

After successful completion of the AMIS module the participants are awarded with the certificate. After successful completion of all three modules the participants are awarded with their DBA degree.


The programme is designed for high profile business people (executives and owners) with outstanding business experience who are ready to generalize and share their acquired knowledge in the form of research, consultancy and teaching.

Programme benefits

Programme curriculum is a joint effort of MIM-Kyivs professors, academics and leading industry executives and experts from all over the globe.

Admission Requirements

  • Proven record of managerial expertise;
  • Top-position;
  • Business Degree;
  • Plans to work in consultancy/or business education.

Contact person

Ms. Lyudmila Babiy at tel.:(044) 585-02-60or by e-mail:ludmila@mim.kiev.ua.