News for 2017 year

December 25

MIM Community Congress successfully finished 2017 and showed the new trends for 2018.

December 17

MIM assumes the role of the quality business literature ambassador. At the first meeting Ukrainian translations of Luc De Brabandere’s and‎ Alan Iny’s book “THINKING IN NEW BOXES: A NEW PARADIGM FOR BUSINESS CREATIVITY” and Adam Alter’s “IRRESISTIBLE” were presented. MIM Business School together with the BookChef publishing house implemented the cooperation project resulted in the release of those books. They are new to the Ukrainian market. Moreover, for the first time, they are available in Ukrainian.

December 13

On December 4 – 6 Dr. Vyacheslav Pokotylo, MIM’s Vice President and professor participated in the Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) seminar in Boston.

December 10

On December 6, the MIM Business School accomplished its very special project specially designed for the National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank). 22 NBU employees defended their highly practical projects aimed at the NBU reform. The NBU governors and MIM’s faculty sat on the projects committee. Successful projects were among the main “deliverables” of the joint nine-month efforts of the NBU and MIM.

November 20

In mid-November, Dr. Michael Schluter, an economist, author, speaker and social entrepreneur talked at MIM Business School. For us, Dr. Schluter’s peacebuilding experience and approaches are especially valuable. It was hem who back in 80 – 90 initiated peacebuilding in the South Africa. The work in South Africa led to a peace initiative in Rwanda after the genocide there and a peace process between North and South Sudan.

November 10

EDUNIVERSAL, international ranking agency recognized MIM top business school in Ukraine

The MIM Business School is delighted to announce that EDUNIVERSAL ranking agency recognized MIM the best business school in Ukraine and awarded 4 PALMES OF EXCELLENCE ( the top business school with significant international influence) for the second year in a row.

November 2

Ì²Ì and BOOKCHEF Publisher Launch Joint Book Series and the Metaphor Business Book Club.

October 31
On October 26 the workshop on Kaizen principles implementation was held in MIM. Mr. Kostyantyn Glazkov, the head of manufacturing for TIC and Mr. Olexiy Solohub, MAREVEN Food Ukraine, the Lean 6 Sigma expert and ITG Lean Leader were the main speakers at the event
October 30

In late October Pre-MBA class of more than 50 students started the school. This time it is a very diverse group of people representing all Ukrainian major cities, practically all industries and companies ranging from start-up to big established corporations.

October 24

Recently SE MBA class discussed investment activities in Ukraine. Serhiy Babur, MIM’s DBA and managing partner of the Profi-T Active Financial Group was a keynote speaker.

October 18

GIBS Business School, MIM Business School partner from the South Africa had its Executive MBA ranked #1 in Africa by the FT. MIM business School is delighted to send its best wishes to the GIBS.

October 11

As it became a tradition MIM hosted Norvik Banka Financial Club meeting. It was very much in line with the discussion started in spring which was mostly covering expected changes inspired by the European regulators. Norvik Banka’s top executes Oliver Bramwell, Chief Executive Officer, Denis Novikov, head of Capital Markets and Igor Rosanov, chairman of the NorvikIPS.

September 28

MIM Business School hosted the master class on innovations delivered by Michael Hathorn from the Thunderbird Educator Network. The masterclass helped answer the question how to make a business competitive with the innovations and adaptability.

September 26

September was a marketing and PR month for MIM. Two prominent Ukrainian experts of the industry conducted their masterclasses. At first, Valentyn Kalashnyk, founder of the OSD Group and Lidia Havryschuk, its intellectual project manager discussed loyalty issues. Later Andriy Kashpur, founder and CEO of Kascom agency conducted a masterclass on reputation with the use of SW ReaLity technique.

September 19

On September 18 Business Workshops hosted the discussion on the widely used concepts of Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Agile. Andriy Pavlenko, Agile expert and Scrum trainer talked on them in detail.

September 15
Evhen Zaika, MBA 2004 and Acino (Switzerland) regional manager was recognized the best manager in the industry. It is his second recognition in 10 years.
September 12
CEEMAN officially announced that MIM Business School was re-accredited the IQA accreditation for the second time. In July 2017 a CEEMAN peer review team visited MIM. The visit was part of the IQA (International Quality Accreditation) re-accreditation procedure. MIM was accredited for the first time in 2004.
September 11

In 2017, MIM delivered the generalized management program, which was complemented by the business communications course. As usual, the program encompassed a consulting project.

July 18

The VII Alumni Forum MIM Weekend was held in July, with more than 130 participating.

June 25

This year MBA class visited the Tepper Business School at the Carnegie Mellon University, the US for its international module. Carnegie Mellon has been MIM’s partner for more than 20 years. This year module was focused on innovations which drive development of businesses.

June 2

MIM-Kyiv partnered with the Thunderbird School of Global Management to deliver a highly customized program for the Ukroboronprom (UOP), Ukrainian state owned defense industry Management Company. Faculty from both schools taught at this program which was aimed at the development of the management competencies.

June 1

New European approaches to transparency were the focal point of the Financial Club series discussion at MIM-Kyiv. Norvik Bank’s Mr. Oliver Ronald Bramwell, Chairman of the Bank’s Board together with Mr. Dmitry Kalmykov, VP for the International Business Line and Dr. Olexiy Aleksandrov, the Bank’s head of the Private Banking and MIM’s MBA and professor provided their expertise.

May 15

MIM-Kyiv is growing its ties with the People’s Republic of China. Ms. Daria Manzharova, the Head of the Alumni Relations for MIM-Kyiv and Mr. Olexandr Bobrovky, MIM’s MBA 2015 and DBA program student participated in the Commercial Circulation Seminar for the developing countries. The event was held by the Academy of International Business Officials (AIBO), Ministry of Commerce P.R.China and the economic Joint Committee of China Commercial Stock Enterprises  (EJCCCSE) People’s Republic of China.

May 10

This year SE MBA class visited Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg and University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) in Cape Town, two top South African schools. Bringing together the experience of the economic and cultural hubs was critical for better understanding of the African business economic, political and social landscape.

April 25

On April 19 MIM-Kyiv hosted “Ukraine – China” Business Forum. Representatives of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China to Ukraine, Huawei Ukraine, Export Growth and Fialan together with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Economy and Chinese Commerce Association discussed practical aspects of doing business with China and identified areas of cooperation with the best potential.

April 20

MIM-Kyiv together with the Boyden Global Executive Search, global executive search agency launched Management Club series. Outstanding entrepreneurs, managers, investors, etc. are invited to share their managerial experience.

Mr. Vasyl Khmelnytsky, an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist who was on all the lists of Ukrainian Forbes was the first to speak about his ups and downs and principles he follows.

April 5

Mr. Ihor Smilansky, the newly appointed CEO for the Ukrposhta (National Post Services) shared his vision of bringing the organization up-to-date.

Although bringing in today’s world governmentally owned obsolete company which has been in red for ages is a challenge, so far Mr. Smilansky can boast numerous achievements ranging from boosting up the traffic volume and improving trecking to partnering with Alibaba Group and launching eCommerce projects. Customers have already experienced the improvements: 78% of letters and parcels in Kyiv are delivered in one day instead of 3 as it was earlier. 

April 3

MIM-Kyiv rendered its special 3-day seminar for Kyiv’s management of the State Concern “UkrOboronProm” (defense industry). The seminar covered financial management, managerial accounting and operational excellence issues. It is the first seminar within the national series of management development events for the Concern.

March 29

MIM-Kyiv started the Financial Club series by holding a conference “Global Banking System Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities”. Norvik Banka top executives Mr. Oliver Ronald Bramwell, Chairman of the Bank’s Board together with Mr. Dmitry Kalmykov, VP for the International Business Line and Dr. Olexiy Aleksandrov, head of the Private Banking and MIM’s MBA were speaking to MIM’s community at this event.

March 29

MIM-Kyiv signed Memorandum of Strategic Partnership with the BST Consulting, management and HR consulting company in Odessa. By this partnership MIM-Kyiv enhances its presence in the Southern region of Ukraine.

March 27

Managers from Donbasenergo, one of the national energy generating companies accomplished their 9-month long program at MIM-Kyiv. The program was tailored to meet the needs of the company.

March 24

Mr. Andrew Wilson, Association of MBAs Chief Executive and the team visited MIM-Kyiv as a part of the 50th anniversary celebration tour of the AMBA accredited schools.

March 15

MIM-Kyiv joined forces with the Thunderbird School of Global Management to deliver the very special program for the State Concern Ukroboronprom, the manager of the Ukrainian defense industry companies. It kicked off on March 13. Cooperation of the Concern with the Embassy of the United States of America made this program possible. Due to the program Ukrainian defense industry will be able to apply international managerial approaches and run companies better.

March 13

MIM-Kyiv continued its educational program with Sinevo medical laboratories national chain by laubnching the new program. This program is aimed at the solution of the problems the company is now facing. Special attention will be paid to communication skills and development of the consulting projects.

March 3

Mr. Arthur Herasimov, the Representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) was a special guest speaker at MIM-Kyiv’s “Business and Power Dialogues” series. Mr. Herasimov’s presentation was very interesting for the event attendees as he is one of those officials who moved to the public sector from corporate Ukraine after Euromaidan in order to reform the country.

February 24

On February 22, MIM-Kyiv launched its tailor-made management development program for the “IT-Integrator” company. The program is aimed at developing managerial skills and helping its team to face current business challenges.

February 3

On January 24 MIM-Kyiv community welcomed Mr. Jean-Pierre Méan, ex-president of the Transparency International and attorney at law for MCE Attorneys and a well-known anti-corruption expert. He delivered his presentation on corruption problems in public and private sectors and discussed why and how it should be fight against.

January 12

On January 23 – 27, 2017 final EU4Business Week launched by the East Invest 2, the EU initiative was held. MIM-Kyiv co-organized and hosted the event. Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine, “Business Gathering” and League of business and professional women of Ukraine were partners of the Series.

 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)