News for 2013 year

December 30

The best holiday season greetings to you!

The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you season's greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and the New Year be filled with joy, health and prosperity for you and your loved ones!

December 25

On December 5th – 6th MIM-Kyiv sponsored UAdom, national convention of domain industry. Internet infrastructure further development and results of 2013 were in the focus of the convention.

December 19

On December 11th Mr. Simon Bucknall, Twice UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking hold his master class “Leaders as Storytellers: high-impact business communication”.

December 17

On December 5th Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle delivered master class “Game Changing Strategies” in Kyiv. More than 300 executives and entrepreneurs attended.

December 13

On November 13th “MIM’s Three” consisting of Prof. Yuri Martyniuk, MIM-Kyiv’s VP (academia), Dr. Vyacheslav Pokotylo, SE MBA and PMD “Management & Leadership” Programs Director and Dr. Serhiy Voronov, associate professor of Management and Economics Department and Chairman of the Board for Ukrainian-American-Swiss Joint Venture “UICC” hosted and moderated the discussion on management in the period of turbulence. Dynamics of the business environment, changes as new opportunities and project approach as the way to grab opportunities were in the focus of the discussion.

December 2

On November 28th  Dr. Andriy Dligach, MIM-Kyiv’s visiting professor and founder and CEO for Advanter Group  and Dr. Olena Yuzkova, Certified Management Consultant and MIM-Kyiv visiting professor hold the seminar “Creating and Managing Brands” which was sponsored by “Sehodnya”, leading national daily.

November 30

Mr. Vitaliy Tkachenko, Marketing Director for “ECO Market” (supermarket chain) and MBA 2007 gave a speech on FMCG and retail marketing. Mr. Tkachenko has an extensive experience in FMCG and retail sector. It was he who rebranded Obolon, one of the national leading beer producers and launched a number of the new brand for company.

November 28

On November 8th, the new class of PMD “Marketing” program kicked off. Entrepreneurs, marketing dorectors and functional managers from all over Ukraine are among this intake students. The six month program is aimed at shaping the strategic approaches to marketing function and mastering marketing tools.

November 25

On November 22nd, MIM-Kyiv launched its new product PMD “Management & Leasership” (M&L) program.

The new program is aimed at the development of the managerial competences, development of the managerial toolbox allowing managers to operate under uncertainty. The program is designed for those who are planning managerial careers and would like to master people’s side of the business. “If you are after managerial career you should understand people, their mindset, their rationale and irrationals,” said Dr. Vyacheslav Pokotylo, program’s director.

November 23

HR costs management was a focal point of the Management Café discussion at MIM-Kyiv on November 20th. Ms. Olena Dyatlova, HR director for Astarta holding, Dr. Vyacheslav Pokotylo, SE MBA and PMD “Management and Leadership” (M&L) programs Director and Ms. Taisia Vasylyshyna, visiting professor for PMD “M&L” program were the speakers and Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MM’s VP for marketing oderated the discussion.

November 21

MIM-Kyiv started its tailor-made program for the talent pool of Donbassenergo Joint Stock Company (energy generation). HR representatives of Dobasenergo mentioned that they have chosen MIM-Kyiv because it demonstrated the ability to develop executives to shape the holistic approach to management, to master strategic vision of business and tool box necessary to implement the company’s main goals.  

November 13

Hosting master classes by business experts has always been a good MIM’s tradition In November 3 experts in different areas talked to MIM’s community.

November 5

On October 25th and November 1st two new classes of PMD “Mini MBA” and PMD “Managerial Finance” kicked off. New students shared their expectations of the program.

November 2

In October MIM-Kyiv continued its tradition of business breakfasts. Dr. Taisia Vasykyshyna, management consultant and Ms. Olena Yuzkova, cedrtified management consultant and Vice President for Ukraine’s National Association of International Relations Consultants conducted business breakfasts. Both speakers are well known and highly respected experts and MIM’s new professors of the newly designed PMD “Management and Leadership” program. They talked about people’s side of business.

October 28

On October 24th MIM-Kyiv and Lorange Institute of Business signed the agreement on joint activities in the area of EMBA programs. According to the agreement MIM-Kyiv MBA program graduates can obtain Lorange international EMBA degree by taking additional transfer work on Lorange Institute of Business campus.

October 25

On October, 22nd Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak, Chair of Humanitarian Development Department, and well-known judge of the court of arbitration hold master class on legal aspects of business development and business security.

October 23

On October 18th, the first class of MBA in IT was warded with their diplomas. Mr. Vitalily Gayduk, Ukraine’s well-known businessman and statesman and Chairman of MIM-Kyiv Board, Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, President of MIM-Kyiv and Mr. Oleksandr Kardakov, well-known IT entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board of “Octava Capital” company and MIM-Kyiv graduate and long-term friend greeted the new MBAs.

October 23

On October 18th – 19th, module on strategic marketing and brand stewardship was delivered for the first year class of DBA students taking AMIS (Advanced Management International Studies) program. The course was taught by Mr. Edgar Britschgi, founder and managing partner of Combo Management, a Swiss based consulting company and permanent visit professor of MIM-Kyiv.

October 8

On October 2nd, the first meeting of IT Café was held. The discussion was focused on IT infrastructure outsourcing. Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv VP (marketing) moderated the discussion. Mr. Dmytro Kruchynin, IT Outsourcing and Services Department Director for “Incom” company, Mr. Vyacheslav Artamonov, CEO for start up in on-line loans, Mr. Dmytro Rybalchenko, leading expert in tax planning for “Octava Capital” Company and Yanina Hlusova law officer for “Octava Capital” Company. MIM’s innovative “MBA in IT” program made Café style meeting for IT community possible.

September 25
For many years MIM-Kyiv has been sponsoring national “Panacea” annual competition of pharma managers. Results of the competition are highly respected in industry.
September 24

On September 17th, Prof. Max Goltsberg and Prof. Lina Khasan-bek held master class on the most current financial issues. The following topics were discussed: “Finance Instruments In the Era of Uncertainty”, “Business Strategy and Finance Policy”, and “Structure of Ownership – Structure of Finance – Organization of Control”. What MIM’s professor think on finance issues was another focal point of the discussion.

September 20

On September 13th and 14th, Prof. Alain Haut, founder and CEO for “O plc.” Consulting Company and professor of Business School Lausanne lectured for DBA students within AMIS (Advanced Management International Studies) module.

September 10

Mr. Oleksandr Kardakov, chairman of the Board of Octava Capital (asset management) company, arguably Ukraine’s best high-tech entrepreneur and MIM’s graduate, partner and inspirer of many joint projects was rated among 100 the most influential Ukrainians. The rating is done by Korrespondnet, the one of most respected medias.

September 6

Even regardless the fact that this year’s national agriculture rating has only 15 positions one fifth of it looks very impressive.

July 26
Mr. Viktor Ivanchyk, founder and CEO of “Astarta-Kyiv” agri industrial holding and MIM’s MBA 2007 talked to Forbes Ukraine edition.
July 22

Prof. Britschgi, managing partner of Combo Management AG, Chairman of the Board for Young & Rubicam Brands (Holding), Chairman and CEO for Advico Young Rubicam (Switzerland), former Dean for one of the Swiss business schools and MIM’s permanent visiting professor taught his course in European management practices to SE MBA 2013 – 2015.

July 18

On July 16th MIM-Kyiv launches its Management Club, a dialogue platform and meeting place for MIM community and management experts. It is a great instrument in development, fine-tuning and dissemination of the best managerial practices not to mention about yet another chance for networking.

July 16

On July 12th – 13th Mr. David Lottenbach, founder of Bearsons Consult AG with more than 16 years of successful executive leadership experience (Senior VP position) in global companies talked to DBA class. He shared his experience in business modeling and his innovative approaches to it.

July 12

In mid-July “Living Cases”, the new format of presenting the latest business experiences and people to MBA students was launched. This is yet another platform for bith studies and networking among the peers. This time Ms. Viktoria Le Khak, MIM’s MBA and founder of “Maison Blanche” agriculture tourism properties chain.

July 11
Said Mr. Volodymyr Havrysh, CEO for the group of companies “Natalie Tours” about the study tour to Pittsburg where Tepper School of Business hosted international module for MIM-Kyiv MBA class.
July 11
On July 10th managers from MTI, Ukraine’s leading shoe retailer were awarded their certificates after successful completion of the unique consulting and educational program at MIM-Kyiv.
July 4

On June 25th MIM’s Business Breakfast took was held. Dr. Volodymyr Bantser, MIM’s associate professor and the speaker of the event talked about emotional part of achieving success. 

July 4

On June 21st DBA and MBA students (2012 – 2-14) visited “GolfStream”, Kyiv’s best golf club to discuss how to transform idea into successful business. Mr. Lev Goldberg, Chairman of the Golf Club and MIM’s MBA 1994 hosted the meeting.

June 18
Ms. Nadia Omelchenko, Director of HR policy at Octava Group said about the international study tour “Silicone Valley: Managing Innovations” which was held on June 2nd - 13th in San Francisco and Bay Area.
June 17

On June 1st graduates of PMD “HR Management and Organizational Development” programs were awarded with their certificates. On June 15th 2012 – 2013 class of PMD “Mini-MBA” graduated.

June 14

Open lecture on leadership and motivation was delivered by Mr. P. Chernyushov, general manager for Ukraine and VP for Eastern Europe, Carlsberg Group on June 12th.

June 14

On June 13th, Mr. Ihor Korolenko, foumder and CEO for Zagorie company, leader of Ukraine’s tourist industry and MIM-Kyiv MBA spoke to SE MBA 2013 – 2015 class.

June 10

On June 1st – 8th “Omega Pharma” company did corporate course, a concise version of PMD “Mini-MBA” program tailored to meet the needs of the middle and senior managers. This program was based on MIM-Kyiv more than 15 year long cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.

June 3

On May 31st MIM-Kyiv together with MDM company (pharma marketing) conducted the second national competition in pharma marketing. The jury composed of pharma multinationals executives and MIM-Kyiv graduates awarded Mr. Oleksandr Kayota, Bayer AG with the first prize, grant for PMD “Marketing” studies. Out of 80 participants he was recognized the best marketer.

June 1

Living cases is a very traditional and highly demanded instrument of MIM-Kyiv curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. This time during M-Club’s meetings on May 21st and May 29th two cases were discussed: (internet payments) and (internet shop of Belgium beer).

May 28

On May 24th the new DBA intake kicked off. The program traditionally starts with AMIS (Advanced Management International Studies) module.

May 24

On May 23rd, MIM-Kyiv hosted its second business breakfast with Dr. Andriy Dligach and Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov. The topic of the Breakfast was “Multichannel Businesses or Where Money is”.

May 23
20 MIM’s people are ranked among the best by InvestGazeta independent rating.  Most of the industries has MIM’s top managers.
May 21

On May 17 second year SE MBA class was back from Hong Kong international study tour. This year the topic was “Hong Kong & China. Business & Funding Strategies for Ukraine’s Businesses”.

May 21

On April 27th MIM-Kyiv welcomed the graduates of the 2 PMD groups: PMD “Managerial Finance” and PMD “Marketing”. This time more than 40 marketers received their MIM’s certificates thus making the biggest MIM’s marketing class and the largest number of one-time PMD programs graduates. They shared their MIM’s experiences.

April 22

On April 18–19 2013 MIM-Kyiv hosted 60 participantsfrom 15 countries for the CEEMAN ExED Forum “Managing Innovations”. Within the fruitful discussion representatives of corporate and business schools leaders exchanged their experiences and views on the promotion of innovation processes and on the role that executive education.

April 18

On April 13th managers from “Astarta-Kyiv” holding, Ukraine’s leader of agriculture sector were awarded with their certificates. Special, tailor-made program was especially developed and delivered to the agriculture company that was the first to launch wide-scale corporate education project.

April 17

On April 12 the new PMD “Mini-MBA” class of started their program. 25 students from practically all over Ukraine came to MIM-Kyiv to become better managers.

April 11

On April 5th Mr. Mark Kukushkin, one of the top 10 Russia’s consultants in the area of organizational development, training the trainers and leadership conducted leadership workshop for MIM-Kyiv’s community. He talked about integral wave, integral approach to leadership and a leader’s integral life.

April 10

On April 5th, new class of PMD “Marketing” started. Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, President of MIM-Kyiv welcomed marketers from all over Ukraine who joined MIM-Kyiv certificate program. She said: “Get ready to learn from your peers, share your experiences and acquire new skills and knowledge.”

April 1

CEEMAN ExEd Forum “Executive Education: Managing Innovations” will be held on 18-19 April 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine, hosted by International Management Institute MIM-Kyiv.

March 29

On March 27 the first MIM’s business breakfast took place. Dr. Andriy Dligach, professor of marketing and Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, VP (Marketing) discussed “Today’s and Tomorrow’s Marketing”.

March 27

On March 25, the round table on “Rules of Company’s Communications” was conducted within Expert Zone Project. Mr. Oleksandr Sudarkin, consultant and trainer for Pucelik Consulting Group and Dr. Volodymyr Bantser, professor of organizational behavior and managerial psychology were key speakers.

March 25

On March 20 regular HR Café meeting was conducted at MIM-Kyiv. This time HR community discussed generation “Y” and how they interact with other team members. Ms. Stanislava Stefanovska, an expert in corporate HR management was a key speaker.

March 20

On March 15th – 16th participants of the corporate program for EPAM company listen to the course in change management by Prof. Christopher Cordey from Business School Lausanne.  

March 19

On March 13 – 15 Prof. Godwin Wong, MIM-Kyiv long-term partner and professor at Berkeley University  lectured to SE MBA class. He taught a course on finance strategies and orientation session before the international study tour traditionally held in Hong Kong.

March 12

On March 6th Prof. Robert Johnson lectured on financial and fiscal crises and investment ethics issues.

March 5

On March 1st, graduates of MBA, SE MBA and MBA in Healthcare were awarded their diplomas. Ms. Yulia Sigal got #2000 MIM-Kyiv MBA diploma.

Dr. Vitaly Gayduk, MIM’s Board member and Ukraine’s outstanding statesman and entrepreneur and Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM’s President welcomed new alumni.

March 4

On March 2nd, Ms. Ivanna Pylypuk, managing partner for international consulting group delivered guest lecture for PMD “Mini-MBA” class. She spoke about one of the hottest topics for Ukraine’s entrepreneurs, cross-border taxation.

March 1

On February 27th Mr. Sergey Novikov, head of Russian R&D center for Kaspersky Lab delivered lecture “Corporate Cyber Jeopardy” to students of the MBA in IT program. He talked about information security systems, antivirus systems in particular.

February 28

On February 27th participants of the tailor-made program for “Malynska Paperova Fabryka - Weidmann” PJSC (Ukrainian- Swiss paper mill) were awarded their certificates. Company’s top-managers particiapted in the ceremony.

February 25

On February 20th, regular marketing café meeting took place. This time the participants discussed outsourcing in marketing. The main issues of the discussion were: what to outsource, when to outsource, how to evaluate the effectivness, how to mitigate risks, how to organize and control outsourcer’s activities.

February 21

An EU-funded initiative, MBA Programme for Ukraine’s State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving (SAEE) was presented on Feb. 19 in Kyiv. The programme is specially tailored for Ukrainian civil servants, providing the possibility of enhancing their existing level of education and acquiring new knowledge and skills. Thanks to this project, 24 civil servants from the State Agency will obtain master degrees in Business Administration (MBA).

February 18

On February 15th Frank Pucelik conducted master class “Employees’ Convictions That Ruin Your Business”. During this event he talked about employees who don’t want to make money for the owner, about positive and negative powers and about Growth Ladder rules.

February 6

This time a study tour for Healthcare MBA program was conducted in Pittsburg, one of the most acknowledged world centers of healthcare industry. The program was designed and realized together with Tepper Business School at Carnegie Mellon University, MIM’s long-term partner.

February 6

On January 29th Mr. Alain Haut, founder of the “O plc.” company and Dr. Thomas Dyllick from the St. Gallen University visited conducted a workshop on internationalization at MIM-Kyiv. Both of them are experts of EFMD (The European Foundation for Management Development).

February 6

On January 31st, regular HR café meeting was held. Mr. Petro Kholyavchuk, Director for Kyiv Institute of Training delivered a presentation “Critique of Training and Development Methods in Organization”.

January 30

On January 22nd, MIM-Kyiv and Mr. Denis Dovgopoly from BVU Group had the first pilot TV bridge with Silicone Valley within the new MIM’s project “TV Bridge to the Technology Business: Silicon Valley”. This time they Anna Dvornikova, managing partner of TEC Ventures company interviewed Mr. Jeff Clavier, founder of SoftTechVC. He talked about trends in venture business.

January 28

On January 17th and 21st modular and evening classes of MBA students started their programs. They shred their expectations. On January 31st, SE MBA program for business owners and c-level executives kicked off.

January 26

Mr. Vyacheslav Homonai, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Attorneys’ Association “Alliance”, practicing counselor and well-known legal expert delivered a master class in business security for MBA 2014 students.

January 22

On January 18th new “Management Effectiveness Program” for Ferring Pharmaceuticals started. Top executives from Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan came to Kyiv to get their managerial expertise.

January 1

Said Roman Hladkyi, country manager for Ferring Pharmaceuticals in Ukraine.

On January 26th executives from Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan offices of Ferring Pharmaceuticals finished their studies and were awarded with their certificates. Mr. Roman Hladkyi and Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, VP for MIM-Kyiv welcomed new graduates.

 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)