News for 2012 year

December 28

On December 24th, PMD “Mini-MBA” class 2011 was awarded with their certificates. PMD “Mini-MBA” is one of the most popular MIM’s programs.

December 28
“Den” daily, one of the national leaders of daily media and MIM-Kyiv long-term partner published its coverage of MIM-Kyiv 2012 activities.
December 27

On December 20th, “Summing Up 2012” Gala was held. Dr. Vitaly Gayduk, Ukraine’s outstanding businessman and statesman and member of MIM’s Board congratulated MIM’s community on this occasion. “Unity is our key to success,” said he. “Next year we will build on our legacy and by our joint effort.”

December 26

On December 21st, Mr. Serhiy Mazur, CEO for Vitis Group, one of the biggest national wine merchants delivered guest lecture to the first year SE MBA students. In his lecture he talked about international markets, national customers and principles of work with retail. As a special Christmas and New Year bonus he shared professional criteria for wine selection.

December 25

On December 24, Sam Potolicchio, a faulty of Georgetown University and "Best Professors in America" according to Princetown Review delivered an open lecture on leadership and communication to MIM’s community. Politics and leadership has always been hot issues for Ukraine, so the lecture triggered discussion.

December 13

On December 7th, tailor-made program for EPAM Systems, an international IT company kicked off at MIM-Kyiv. MIM-Kyiv’s program best met the requirements and needs of the company.

December 13

Ms. Iryna Starodubova, partner of HorizonCapital and MIM-Kyiv SE MBA 2005 talked to SE MBA class last Friday. She shared her experience in venture cap finance.

December 11

On December 8th, spring intake of PMD “Mini-MBA” class are awarded with their certificates.

December 10

On December 5th, MIM-Kyiv launched its tailor made program for mid management and talent pool of “Malybska Paperova Fabryka - Weidmann” PJSC (Ukrainian- Swiss paper mill).

December 6

On November 28th MIM-Kyiv and MBA Field Company launched One Day MBA, a new undertaking aimed at promotion of business education in Ukraine.

December 6

On November 30th, PMD “HR Management and Organizational Development” kicked off. This program is an answer to the challenges of human capital management and development. The program is designed to equip those who already have HR management experience and plan a career in HR with skills and knowledge of the “people’s side” of the business allowing to optimize organizational structure and HR systems as well as help developing personal effectiveness.

December 3

On November 29th MIM-Kyiv and Astarta-Kyiv Agri-industrial holding started the joint educational project, corporate program for the corporation’s management. This 9-month program is aimed at honing managerial skills for all key department managers.

November 26

Said Ms. Tetiana Kaplina, relationship manager for ING Bank Ukraine and PMD “Managerial Finance” program graduate.

November 26

On November 9th, financiers from many all over Ukraine started their studies. Mr. Dmytro Zulinskiy, commercial director for “Firma “Breshad Agroplus” shared his expectations:

“It is impossible to sell, to negotiate and develop without understanding future financials. So far I lack financial expertise necessary to develop the business. That is why I am here. I hope that at the end of the program I will bee able to “read” financial documents and operate with financial information.”

November 22

Forbes publication released its annual list of 200 biggest companies of Ukraine. 5 of them are managed by MIM-KLyiv graduates. Natalia Ivanova, CEO for Optima Pharm and MBA 2004, Victor Ivanchyk, CEO for Astarta Agri-industrial holding, SE MBA 2007, Iryna Prysyazhnyuk, CEO for Alfred C. Toepfer Ukraine and MBA 2007, Oleksandr Fedchenko, CEO for Incom and MBA 2003 and Andriy Pavlyk, CEO for Knauf Ukraine and MBA 1998 are among them.

November 18
On November 9 DBA 2012 module was held. Mr. Alain Haut, professor from Lausanne Business school and founder and managing partner of O plc sarl company delivered a course. It covered human capital issues.
November 16

Eduniversal, international rating agency ranked MIM-Kyiv #1 b-school in Ukraine. It is also ranked as Åxcellent business school and a part of the best business schools pools globally.

November 8

“Marketing” week at MIM-Kyiv was marked by finish of the spring PMD “Marketing” intake program and start of the fall class. On November 2nd, 40 new students started their studies.

November 2

On October 27th, Mr. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, MIM-Kyiv Board member, Ukrainian rock star and one of the intellectual leaders delivered a lecture for SE MBA class. He shared his experience of starting up and developing successful business projects.

October 30

On October 25th, MIM’s Marketing Café meeting took place. More than 100 participants discussed co-marketing implementation practices. Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, VP for marketing and director for PMD “Marketing” program and Ms. Irena Ulianova, partner at Advanter Group and expert in strategic management and sales were key speakers.

October 30

On October 26th, Expert Zone, a project within MIM’s National Business Platform featured Mr. Frank Pucelik, Business-trainer of international renown, he is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA). He spoke about emotions of leaders and how they influence business. People from Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnytsya, and Ivano-Frankivsk participated.

October 25

On October 23rd HR café meeting took place at MIM-Kyiv. Dr. Volodymyr Bantser, Director of PMD PMD in HR Management and Organizational Development hosted the meeting. He talked about stresses and burnouts of managers and employees.

October 25

On October 17th a career workshop on how to build a career under uncertainty was held. Mr. Dmytro Klim, CEO for ACTION GROUP and founder of FINANCE PERSONNEL, recruiting companies spoke to the participants.

October 22

On October 19th new intake of PMD “Mini-MBA” class started its studies. Those are people from different businesses and practically from all over Ukraine.

October 22

MIM-Kyiv and its “Incom” company, MIM’s partner in MBA in IT management program came out with the new design of the program. Since January 2013 students will start their studies together with MBA students and in October 2013 they will take courses necessary to get specialization in IT management. Upon successful completion of the program students are awarded with their MBA diplomas and certificates about their IT in Management certificates.

October 18
On October 16th 200th session of MIM’s English Speaking Club took place.
October 13

On October 11th – 13th, Prof. David Lamont, MIM-Kyiv’s long-term partner and professor of strategic management at Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon University from the USA announced the results of the international competition in strategic management “Global Management Game”. Four Ukrainian teams were ranked among the top in their subdivisions.

October 11

On October 10th, Prof. Lina Khassan-Bek delivered a master class on CFO’s effectiveness. The participants discussed how a CFO should assess business performance, how to make the best investments and financial decisions and what a CFO should to to secure sustainable growth of a business.

October 9

On October 9th MIM-Kyiv launched its new project for MTI Company (national chain of multibrand footwear and apparel stores and consumer electronics retailer). This 9-months project is aimed at coping with challenges the Company is currently facing via design and implementation a number new developments projects backed by a program in management. MIM’s faculty and MTI executives will supervise the projects and teach courses at the program.

September 28

On September 27th Mr. Dave Evans, Cisco’s Chief Futurist and Chief Technologist for Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) delivered an open lecture “The Net Effect: It’s Not What We Make, It’s What We Make Possible” at MIM-Kyiv. The lecture was initiated by “Osvitni Initsiatyvy” (Education Initiatives) Fund founded by Mr. Oleksandr Kardakov, MIM-Kyiv graduate, a well-known entrepreneur and founder of Ukraine’s IT companies.

September 26
On September 25th HR people had their HR café meeting at MIM-Kyiv. Ms. Alla Konyaeva, managing partner and founder of Ancor SW Executive Search recruiting company. Dr. Volodymyr Bantser moderated the meeting.
September 19

On September 12th MIM-Kyiv hosted Mr. Valery Pekar, CEO for Euroindex company (fairs and exhibitions) seminar within “Management 2.0” project. He spoke about spiral dynamics as a pattern for human consciousness and decision making.

September 11

On September 7th, 2012 awarding ceremony for the best pharma managers and companies was held. As in the last year MIM’s alumni and students are ranked among the best. Moreover, MIM-Kyiv sponsors the “Top Manager of the Year” nomination.

September 5
“Den” daily, MIM’s partner in humanitarian projects and one of the national media’s leader presented its new project, “Marshrut #1” (Itinerary) supplement.
August 3

MIM’s Weekend, a three-days event aimed at networking, summing up and further personal development finished the first half of 2012. This year Ms. Tetyana Tregub and Mr. Yuri Samsonov, MBA 2012 were key organizers of the event. Mr. Oleh Khomko one of the developers of “Severynivka” cottages, one of the most comfortable Kyiv suburbia, and MIM-Kyiv graduate hosted the event.

August 2

In late July MBA students finished their American study tour. Traditionally the study tour is organized jointly by the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University and MIM-Kyiv. The study tour falls into two parts: academic sessions and companies’ visits. This year study tour was focused on the crisis lessons and development of the new approaches to doing business.

July 26

MIM-Kyiv is delighted to congratulate its alumni ranked among the best by the leading national rating “Top 100”. This year 26 MIM-Kyiv alumni are once again rated among best managers of Ukraine. MIM is happy to congratulate our best managers and wish  them further successes!

July 18

On July 10th HR café meeting was held at MIM-Kyiv. This time HR community discussed sociometry as a an effective HRM tool. Ms. Olena Stupak, practicing business trainer and psychologist with vast experience in HRM delivered main presentation and moderated the discussion.

July 17

On July 11th, Mr. Denys Dovgopoly conducted an open lecture “Management Technologies 2.0”. Mr. Dovgopoly, founder and managing director for BayView Innovationsdiscussed how big corporations survive in today’s world. They also talked about retail industry and opportunities that young entrepreneurs can grab there.

July 12

On July 4th, MIM-Kyiv conducted its Business Workshop featuring Ms. Kateryna Kostereva, managing partner for Terrasoft Group and MIM’s MBA. Terrasoft is one of the Ukraine’s IT pioneers.

July 10

On July 5th, Marketing Café was held at MIM-Kyiv. Participants discussed CRM, its role in strategic marketing, and in establishment of the cross functional communications within a company. Dr. Andriy Dligach, MIM’s professor and CEO for Advanter Group, and Ms. Irena Ulianova, CEO for Distribution System Development spoke to the meeting participants. Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM’s VP (marketing) moderated the discussion.

July 4

MIM-Kyiv launches the new project within National Business Platform

“Expert Zone” is a new undertaking for Ukraine’s business education for many reasons. First of all it is implemented due to the latest IT technologies that help us bring together business people from all over Ukraine and provide them with great expertise from all over the world. It is a great place to share the experience, generate new ideas, see the new horizons and thus create new knowledge.

June 26

Corporate program forBionorica is successfully over

On June 21st managers of “Bionorica” company from all over Ukraine finished their corporate program. “It is always right time to study,” said Mr. Victor Zholudenko, managing Director for Bionorica Ukraine. “It was especially right time because we could apply what we’ve learnt at once and see the advantages of the new skills and knowledge. We were also happy to obtain our knowledge from the best faculty in Ukraine and experience the MIM’s unique atmosphere. Thank you very much and let’s make new plans!” said he.

June 19

On June 14th, SE MBA and DBA program participants visited Ukraine’s best golf course. Mr. Lev Goldberg, MIM’s MBA 1994 has started and successfully runs this business.

June 15

“Den” daily and “Komentari” (Comments), two Ukraine’s leading newspapers covered “Global Competitiveness in Condition of Capital Intellectualization” round table.

June 13

International round table was conducted at MIM-Kyiv

On June 8th International Management Institute “MIM-Kyiv” conducted “Global Competitiveness in Condition of Capital Intellectualization” round table. Leading Ukraine’s and international experts discussed IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012 (IMD WCY 2012) results and drivers of Ukraine’s competitiveness in today’s global context. “Den” newspaper, the leader of national dailies was an information sponsor of the event.

June 13

On June 9th, the class of PMD “Mini-MBA” 2012 (fall intake) was awarded with certificates. New MIM’s graduates said that studies at the Institute changed their vision and they got new perspectives. Many are planning to get MIM’s MBA degree.

June 12

On June 5th, Mr. Frank Pucelik conducted his master-class on how to manage meetings and meeting styles can diagnose the situation in a company.

June 12

In late May – early June MIM-Kyiv’s faculty conducted the specialized training “Commercialization Skills” for academia people. The training was requested by Science and Technology Center in Ukraine. The training was aimed at giving the participants the idea of entrepreneurship and start-ups in knowledge-based industries and what makes the those start-ups successful.

June 7

On May 31st, Mr. Mark Kukushkin, one of the CIS leaders of organizational development and leadership conducted a workshop at MIM-Kyiv. CBS company sponsored the event.

June 5

In late May, MIM-Kyiv conducted the round table on local government issues “Magdeburg Law: History and Today’”. This round table is a part of MIM-Kyiv and “Den” daily’s joint project “Den’s Seasons”. Mayors, researchers and practitioners from the different regions of Ukraine, in particular Vinnytsya region, Lviv region and Ivano-Frankivsk region participated in the conference. The round table was conducted via MIM’s National Business Platform with Cisco Telepresence equipment and technology.

May 31

International Management Institute “MIM-Kyiv”, exclusive partner of IMD-Lausanne’s project World Competitiveness Yearbook. This year Ukraine was ranked #56 which was one positions better compared to the last year results leaving behind Croatia, Greece and Venezuela.

May 29

Mr. Michael Chan, Assistant Vice President, Issuer Marketing Department for Hong Kong Stock Exchange made a presentation on the Exchange activities and opprtunities to MIM’s alumni and students. This meeting was planned at during the SE MBA students to Hong Kong.

May 28

Recently, MIM’s certificates were awarded to the second intake of the corporate PMD program for “Prykarpattyaoblenergo”, energy-distribution company. This program targeted senior management of the company. This program is unique for Ukraine for its new delivery mode: for the first time the larger portion of it was delivered with the help of Cisco Telepresence technologies. Audience in Ivano-Frankivsk where premises of the company are located mentioned that such format was instrumental in both acquiring the knowledge and skills and applying them.

May 25

This SE MBA class had their international study tour to Hong Kong for the third time in row. Taking into account the upcoming trends in Chinese economy and relative immunity of it to the current global turmoil it is clear that Ukraine’s business leaders need to have a closer look to the rising, or better said risen power in the Orient. SE MBA program participants highly appreciated this new focus of MIM’s programs.

April 25

On April 20th, Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova participated in “Kyiv as Innovation Center of Ukraine” conducted within “Kyiv City Open Doors” IT Forum.

April 23

Marketers from all over Ukraine joined PMD “Marketing” program this spring. The program was recognized the best marketing business education program last year.

April 23

On April 20th new PMD “Managerial Finance” class started the program. To systematize the acquired knowledge, hone the skills and to learn how to be a good financial officer were the main reasons for people to select MIM’s program.

April 20

On April 21st, venture caps from Silicon Valley conducted master-class in start ups. The Master-class is a part of “Kyiv City Open Doors” which was held in Kyiv.

April 10

Liga Business-Inform, a leading business information portal launched Iryna Tykhomyrova’s column. She started this new undertaking by sharing her opinion on the role of the social media in the new economy where “Y” generation people are dominating. For more information please visit: «Ë³ãà Á³çíåñ ²íôîðì».

April 6

On April 21st, MIM-Kyiv together with Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and  GrowthUp  business incubator conducted “Entrepreholic!” conference. Leading entrepreneurs from different industries shared their experience with new business generation of Ukraine.

April 5

Last Friday 31 people from all over Ukraine started their PMD “Mini-MBA” program classes. PMD “Mini-MBA” is one of the most popular programs offered by MIM-Kyiv.


March 23

Notorious for Ukraine 2008 triggered dramatic changes in the marketplace. Falling markets had become a matter of fact and influenced businesses’ approaches marketing. Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, VP for Marketing, marketing professor and director PMD “Marketing” program shares his opinion on how to operate in the new world rather than under new conditions.

March 20

“Den’s” Seasons, new joint project of MIM-Kyiv and “Den’s” daily roused interest among MIM’s community. MIM’s alumni shared their opinions on the topic of Ukraine’s identity, its history and current cultural and social situation. Those were the focus of the discussion with Ms. Larysa Ivshyna, editor-in-chief of “Den” who started the new projected. 

March 15

Said Ms. Larysa Ivshyna, Editor-in-Chief of “Den” daily during the opening of “Den’s” Seasons at MIM-Kyiv

On March 14th, “Den’s” Seasons, joint project of “Den” daily, an ultimate opinion leader in humanitarian areas and MIM-Kyiv. This project is about discussions of the most important for MIM’s community topics. This time Ms. Ivshyna and meeting participants talked about living history, its moral lessons and drivers.

March 1

Last week Mr. Dmitry Shymkiv, general manager at Microsoft Ukraine delivered a lecture on IT in business for the second year SE MBA class. The lecture triggered lively discussion. Information security was, data protection and information infrastructure as business effectiveness multiplier was the focus of the discussion.

March 1

Mr. Ihor Ruban, Head for “Cyfra” (digital) Division for “Comfy” chain of stores (home appliances) and MBA 2011 delivered a class in product assortment management for the series participants in Vinnytsya, Lviv and Kyiv. Ms. Olena Konovalova, Head of Legal Department of the “Procter & Gamble Ukraine” and well-known expert in marketing and legal framework of marketing activities discussed unfair competition with the particiants from the same cities.

February 23

On February 21st, Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, and outstanding Ukrainian, MIM’s founder and chairman of the board presented his memoirs “A Ukrainian Wherever”. In fact it was much more of the presentation as a world-class scientist, manager and statesman shared his ideas about economic and social transformations in Ukraine, effective models for further building of the nation and formation of the social values. He also gave the participants the insights in what it takes to become a success.

February 20

On February 17th, MBA, SE MBA and Healthcare MBA classes were awarded with their diplomas. Mr. Vitaliy Gayduk, Ukraine’s outstanding statesman and businessman and member of MIM-Kyiv Board awarded his special prize to the author of the best MBA thesis.

February 6

On February 2nd, SE MBA class kicked off. The program is designed for business owners and c-level executives running business from Ukraine. The program is about strategic vision of a business and global approaches to operating it under uncertainty.

February 3
Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova was interviewed by “Den”, one of the leading national daily.
January 27

On January 26th, MBA evening class started their program. “You’ve made the best investment, you invested in yourselves,” said Prof. Tykhomyrova in her welcome speech to the new program participants. “Education is the best investment under the uncertainty. Education gives you the biggest return out of all possible assets,” said she.

January 27

On January, 25th Mr. Vitaly GAyduk, MIM-Kyiv’s Board member and Ukraine’s well-known businessman and statesman discussed global and domestic economic situation with MIM’s community at the private meeting of the Business Club. This meeting started the season 2012 of MIM’s community activities.

January 24

On January 23rd, modular MBA class kicked off. Half of the group are business owner and top executives, the rest are senior mangers from all over Ukraine. Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova and Prof. Max Goltsberg opened the program. Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov showed the new students around the school.

January 23

Dr. Volodymyr Danko, professor of international business talked on Ukraine’s perspectives in the global marketplace to “Den”, national leader of the daily press. He focused on economic situation in Ukraine, effectiveness of public finance, structural misbalances in the country’s international trade, etc.

January 20

MIM-Kyiv launched the new initiative for marketers. M-Club, the place for living case discussion and networking was established. Mostly PMD “Marketing” program alumni participate in the meeting.

January 19

On January 16th, Dr. Volodymyr Bantser, MIM’s Associate Professor delivered long-distance class on motivation for MIM’s National Platform participants.

January 13

Said Prof. Iryna Tykhoomyrova in her interview to the national leading business portal “Liga Business Inform”.

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