News for 2007 year

May 14

It is for the first time that Ukraine was included into the World Competitiveness Yearbook-2007, the annual competitiveness rating of countries, published by the International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne(IMD-Lausanne), and ranked 46th among other 55 countries.

March 29

The Club is primarily intended for intermediate students and above. The training sessions are conducted in an easy and friendly atmosphere. The participants are involved in discussions and business-related role plays.

February 22

on February 21 MIM-Kyiv Graduated PMD Marketing Students. According to MIM-Kyiv’s Professor Lina Khassan-Bek, the group was particularly successful in computer-based Markstrat 3® simulation, which primarily requires team working skills. It turned out that even a team with “poorer” starting conditions can win if it is well-consolidated and clearly understands its strategic objectives.

February 21

Since, in the course of program development, we diagnose operations of an enterprise, identify problems, rank them and create a program aimed at adding value to a customers’ business”.

February 19

MIM-Kyiv’s employees have the best salaries among the rest employees of the higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

February 16

When Oleksandr Rozhen of ZN asked whether there are any remedies for our economy, Mr. Poluneev replied that it was impossible for an economy to shift to a new level of competitiveness by means of reallocation of budget funds.

February 14

Mr. Poluneev said, responding to Den’s journalist V. Knyazhans’kyi’s question “What power lies behind the idea of competitiveness?”, that this was one of the most promising, brand-new modern trends in the theory of economic growth.

February 14

Kateryna Venzhyk, the author, refers to the history of creation and development of MIM-Kyiv as a textbook example of a successful business.

February 14

The article titled “A Rigid Requirement of Life” covers the issues of detecting of sources and drivers of share capital within companies’ business portfolio.

February 5

This years’ SE MBA Program was highly in demand: the number of enrolled on a competition basis exceeded the projected group size, which had been estimated in terms of efficiency of learning process convenience requirements.

January 26

Kids Market Consulting Case prepared by Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv’s Associate Professor of Business Administration Department, in cooperation with Paul W.Beamish and Stephanie Taylor, is placed in the Library of Cases of Harvard Business School representing one of the world’s most prestigious collections of business literature.

January 23

The Program represents a brand-new way for Ukraine to select and train executives and is aimed at detecting and developing professionals capable of efficiently managing projects in various business lines for Kyiv Investment Group.

 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)