News for 2006 year

December 20

Among 100 graduates, aged 35 on average, represent business owners, top managers and mid-level managers. However, there is one thing in common for all of them: they belong to MIM-Kyiv community.

December 19

Business newspaper # 51 dated December 18, 2006 has comments by V. Pospolitak, Associate Professor of Business Administration Department at MIM-Kyiv, on raider business, which is quite relevant to Ukrainian business.

December 13

Usually, they are successful as managers. The “military” management methods, however, sometimes result in a company going bankrupt. One of such real-life essays was commented on by MIM-Kyiv’s professor, Yuri Navruzov at Business’ request.

December 12

December 7 the plenary meeting saw discussions of overall prospects for intensifying economic cooperation between Canada and Ukraine, improving investment climate, applying foreign experience, attracting investments, etc.

December 7

The assessment criteria are developed based on the methodology of the Ward Howell Headhunting Company and include the following: strategic thinking capabilities; the ability to get together a strong and efficient team; leadership; business reputation; business success; innovativeness.

December 6

An article by Volodymyr Pospolitak, Associate Professor of Business Administration Department at MIM-Kyiv, titled "Application of the Effective Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine with Respect to Securities: Challenges and Prospects" appeared as a part of collection of research reports published in the fall of 2006.

December 6

It was an informal reunion, since there were not too many people who could come to the Institute. Reminiscences about studies, teachers, fellow students, and the first secondment abroad, finally resulted in a suggestion about reviving the MIM-Kyiv Alumni Association the activities of which could be primarily aimed at development of this business school.

December 5

The master class was initiated by TNK-BP Ukraine for leading journalists of Ukrainian business media.

In his opening address Serhiy Lizunov, the President of TNK-BP Ukraine, pointed out that the “systematic and transparent interaction with mass media promotes increase in company capitalization and is not less important than production”.

December 4

In response to numerous requests form MIM-Kyiv’s students and graduates, English Language Department offers a new project named “English Speaking Club”.

December 4

Volodymyr Pospolitak, Associate Professor of Business Administration Department at MIM-Kyiv, was elected a member of the recently established Methodology Board for Professional Training and Certification of Executives and Experts in Cooperative Crediting Market.

November 23

Mr. Serhiy GOLOV, Chair of the Accounting Department, took part in the XVII World Congress of Accountants which took place in Istanbul from November 13 to November 16, 2006.

November 22

After MIM_Kyiv’s Associate Professor of Business Administration Department Volodymyr Pospolitak visited Hungary by invitation of National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary (OTIVA), "Yurydychna Hazeta" (# 15 dated August 10, 2006) published his article titled “Background of Credit and Savings Cooperation System in Hungary”.

November 21

The Quarterly includes analysis of social and economic situation in Ukraine in terms of a range of competitiveness indices used in preparing the annual world competitiveness rankings by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne. Ukraine is compared against 12 benchmark countries in terms of these indices.

November 20

The event was arranged by Microsoft Ukraine together with the Council on Competitiveness of Ukraine and supported by “TECHINVEST” Venture Company and the US Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

November 18

Mr. Kmit delivered a speech to the students of Senior Executive MBA program. In his speech he shared his experience in efficient company management, implementation of strategic tasks for top management, and use of unconventional marketing approaches aimed at reaching competitive advantage on the market.

November 17

The School’s program titled “The Art of Project Management” is devoted to instruments and methods for managing projects and prepares the participants to take an examination for internationally recognized PMP (Project Management Professional) qualification.

November 16

The book is intended for a wide range of readers, including legal practitioners, economists, entrepreneurs, civil servants, scholars, teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and all of those with proactive position and is interested in forming civil society in Ukraine.

November 16

His analytical articles explain the peculiarities of regulations for each type of securities, regulating the activities of stock market professionals, fundamentals of National Depository System operations, authorities of government bodies.

November 16

Over 1,000 interested people were attracted to the MIM-Kyiv’s tables during three days. Along with other participants, MIM-Kyiv was awarded a diploma for proactive promotion of business education development in Ukraine.

November 13

The philosophy of this year’s training program was oriented at molding the development of a company based on the competitiveness.*

The training program was held at the Leuven School of Business and Economics (at the Catholic University of Leuven)**, which represents one of the best 15 European business schools.

November 13
<p>The dictionary covers over 30 topics within four major areas: accountancy & finance; business & economy; management & marketing.</p>
November 13

Yuriy Poluneev believes it is unlikely that this summit will lead to significant agreements. However, some specific issues of cooperation in the course of activities of the Intergovernmental Committee for Economic Cooperation will be discussed. Moreover, those discussions will be focused on an increase in global prices for energy carriers.

November 13

The recent Greenwich Mean Time radio program on the National radio, which is to be broadcast for the English-speaking audience in Ukraine soon, was devoted to discussing the aspects of shaping the strategy of national economy development.

November 13

The event was organized by Techinvest Venture Company, the Council on Competitiveness of Ukraine, MIM-Kyiv, and Ukrainian Center For Foreign Investment Promotion.

November 10

The MIM alumni’s experience shows that professional and personal development contribute to career growth, adding value to business, readiness face to changes in business environment. Thus, according to Lina Khassan-Bek, the only permanent aspect of business is changes.

October 30

Yuri Poluneev, the President of International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv), and Serhiy Golov, the President of Ukrainian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors, opened the conference. In his welcome address Yuri Poluneev stressed that: “Competitiveness strategy cannot imply quick short-term solutions to the burning issues of today.

October 30

Mid-October saw the Graduation Ceremony held by the Caucasus School of Business (the “CSB”) where BBA and MBA students were awarded the CSB Diplomas.

October 26

A new book titled “International Financial Reporting Standards. Questions. Tests. Exercises” has been published by Libra Publishing House. The Manual was written by a group of authors, including Dr. S. Golov, Dr. V. Kostiuchenko, N. Bogatko, and edited by Dr. S. Golov, the Head of Accounting Chair, IMI-Kyiv.

October 25

This year the number of people who expressed their wish to apply to MIM-Kyiv to study at PMD Finance & Accounting and PMD mini-MBA has increased so much that some of them had to postpone their education plans until the next admission.

October 19

On October 19, 2006, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, the founder of MIM-Kyiv, a well-known scholar, public figure, and an outstanding personality of our time, turned 80.

October 11

Ukrainian people's deputies, central government, Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences representatives, as well as people working in health protection, Pan-Ukrainian, international and public organizations, research institutions and business corporations took part in the roundtable.

October 10

“Panacea” annual contest is not limited to determining the best people in the industry, but it is also aimed at finding the ways for development of its separate lines.

June 16

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov congratulated MIM-Kyiv’s President Yuri Poluneev on the occasion of his 50th Birthday...

June 9

Associate Professor of Business Administration Department of the International Management Institute, Ph.D. in Law, Mr. Volodymyr Pospolitak joins the new Advisory and Expert Board of the State Securities and Stock Market Commission again.

June 8

Yuri Navruzov, the Associate Professor of Management Department (MIM-Kyiv), has become a scientific editor of Russian translation of the book by Ì. Lindstrom “Brand Sense”.

June 6

The materials of training conference, named “Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine: Application Review”, have been published this spring under the auspices of the Supreme Commercial Court of Ukraine and the Center of Commercial Law.

June 1

Prof. Serhiy Golov, Chair of the Accounting Department was taking part in the work of the European Forum of Accountants and Auditors in Riga, 1st June 2006.

June 1

Yuri Poluneev, the MIM-Kyiv’s President, and Mar`yana Lozynska, the Director of Marketing Department took the floor to address the participants of the international conference “Connection between Macro and Micro Level Competitiveness” that was conducted in Budapest in May 25 through May 26.

May 31

Associate Professor of Business Administration Department of the International Management Institute, Ph.D. in Law, Mr. Volodymyr Pospolitak took an active part in “Crime in Corporate Environment” Workshop in May 2006.

May 29

On May 29 the first in the Institute’s history training program adapted for the employees of nongovernmental organizations was launched. The program is based on the Management learning program. It was brought about by cooperation between the MIM-Kyiv and the All-Ukrainian PLWH Network, and became the first significant social project implemented by the Institute.

May 26

“Competitiveness of Ukrainian business in the context of global economy knowledge for the medium-term perspective will primarily be determined by the quality of human capital. This includes such factors as investments in personnel training and development, innovations in business management, creation of knowledge with investment potential”, believes the MIM-Kyiv's President Yuri Poluneev.

May 26

Head of Business English Department Lyudmyla Yevtushenko participated in the International Conference “Teaching Business English in Europe: why and how?”, held under the auspices of the IATEFL, Besig in Yalta, May 19 – 21, 2006

May 17

Oleksandra Kuzhel', the President of the “Academy” analytic center delivered a Lecture for MBA Students on May 18. The lecture was named “State Regulatory Policy in Economic Activities Sphere: International Experience, Domestic Practice, and Legal Framework”.

May 16

The PMD “mini-MBA” program learning is over.The MIM society has increased by 30 managers from Dnipropetrovs'k, Donets'k, Kyiv...

May 16

A series of workshops on May 15 and May 22 opens the comprehensive learning of the employees of the JSCB “TAS-Kommerzbank” as a part of the Partnership for Competitiveness Program (PFC). It was designed to meet the needs of the leading experts of credit departments of the bank.

May 16

On May 15, Monday, the President of the MIM-Kyiv and the Council on Competitiveness of Ukraine Yuri Poluneev participated in discussion of practicability of Ukrainian joining the EU or the SEC (Single Economic Space), which was broadcast live on the air at the “New Time” (“Novy Chas”) program by the 5th Channel.

May 16

From May 10 to May 14 the MIM-Kyiv hosted a series of meetings with David Lamont, a Strategic Management Professor and Director of the Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, USA.

May 12

A new MIM-Kyiv's strategy presented by Yuri Poluneev, the President, was highly appreciated. Under the new strategy, the MIM-Kyiv's mission is training highly educated, ethical and socially responsible professionals capable of being the leaders for the Ukrainian business as well as for the country.

May 11
<p>On April 29 a regular PMD "Finance & Accounting” Program was completed in MIM-Kyiv. It is one of the most successful executive development programs which have been immensely popular in the business education market for 5 years straight.</p>
May 3

The most relevant to the audience, among the topics touched upon by R. Stinblok in his speech, were the aspects of the EU's energy policy, the essence of good-neighbour policy, prospects of the European Union's economy based on the so-called Lisbon Protocol.

May 3

The International Academy of Management recognizes those persons who made a significant contribution in the development of science and art of management, promoted global exchange of knowledge and experience in this area of knowledge by granting membership.

April 13

The leaders and owners of well-known Ukrainian companies become increasingly interested in competitiveness, which has been recently integrated by the MIM-Kyiv in its development strategy.

April 7

This April witnessed the launch of a corporate program for the executive staff of the well-known Ukrainian “Inkom” Corporation. The program was tailored by the MIM-Kyiv to meet the company's needs, and is built using modular approach.

April 7

The Chair of the Accounting Department S. Golov together with the Associate Professor of the Accounting Department V. Kostiuchenko (MIM-Kyiv) took part in a regular 29th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, which was conducted from March 22, 2006 through March 24, 2006 in Dublin, Ireland.

April 7
<p>As we have mentioned earlier, the February issue of “Management & Manager” Magazine published the first part of the article by Yuri Navruzov, the Professor of the International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) and by a Managing Partner of Netton Counsulting Group Company headed “The Factors of Successful Asset Management for the Groups of Companies”.</p>
April 7

Our recent publications are represented by the article headed “The Concept of Further Development of Accounting in Ukraine” by the Head of the Accounting Department of MIM-Kyiv Ph.D., Economics S. Golov, and the article by the Associate Professor of the Accounting Department Ph.D., Economics V. M. Kostiuchenko headed “The Accounting Policy of an Entity and its Subsidiaries as a Single Business Entity”.

April 4

April 31 saw the completion of the 4th Young Managers Program held for the Kyiv Investment Group (KIG), which was accompanied by a successful project presentation.

March 30

Associate Professor of Business Administration Department of the International Management Institute Volodymyr Pospolitak has been included in the working team for development of the draft Law “On Cooperative Banking” formed in pursuance of Decree of the President dated December 28, 2005.

March 30
<p>The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) was given the highest grade by Human resource (HR) managers during the international exhibition named “Personnel Management & Executive MBA”.</p>
March 22

World-famous classical author of marketing manuals meets with MIM's alumni and students

On March 21, one of the classical authors of marketing manuals, whose textbooks represent the basis for learning to most of the world's marketing experts, Dr. William Rudelius conducted a four-hour master class for the MIM's alumni and the students.

March 21

It was the main point expressed by the attendees at the opening of a new Program of Management Development PMD “mini-MBA”.

March 16

Says “The Power of Money” Magazine. Ms. Olga Yarmonik, a graduate of the first Ukrainian Senior Executive MBA program, was ranked first in a rating conducted by the Magazine right before March 8, the International Women's Day. The rating was named “The Queen of Business World”.

March 15

Volodymyr Pospolitak, the Associate Professor of Business Administration Department of the International Management Institute was involved in preparation of the manual headed “Securities Issuance and Circulation” which was printed by the “Ukrainian International Cultural Center” Business Cooperation Association.

March 10

The main focus of activities of the Center for Competitiveness Strategies established in 2005 on the premises of MIM-Kyiv, will be improved competitiveness of the entire MIM-Kyiv community, i.e. students, alumni, professors, and participants of the recently launched program “Partnership for Competitiveness”, said Yuri Poluneev, the President of MIM-Kyiv, in his speech at the workshop on integration of science and education.

March 1
<p>This is a subject matter of an article by Yuri Navruzov, the professor of the International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) and a Managing Partner of Netton Consulting Group Consulting Company. The article was published in the February issue of “Management & Manager” Magazine.</p>
March 1

On February 23 and 24 Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn delivered his traditional presentations to 2006 - 2007 MBA students at MIM-Kyiv.

March 1

Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak, the MIM's Associate Professor of Business Administration Department has developed a written comment on three chapters of the Ukrainian Civil Code. That was performed as a part of Section 1 of the article-by-article comment on the Civil Code of Ukraine revised by Prof. A. Dovhert and Prof. N. Kuznietsova.

February 9

Further improvement of competitive advantages for the business community based on the latest management know-how and on-going dialogue with authorities are the cornerstones of new MIM’s initiative “Partnership for Competitiveness” Program presented on February 4 by Dr. Yuri Poluneev, MIM’s President.

January 30

30 senior and top managers started their Executive MBA program with the traditional presentation and reception.

January 20

90 managers from Ukraine’s prominent companies are starting their two-year MBA journey. This group is 30% larger than last year in take.

January 19

Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak is conducting the number of the fruitful discussions on cooperation of the credit cooperation system of Ukraine and Germany hosted by DGRV. Dr. Pospolitak participates in the Task Force on Development of the Concept of Ukraine’s Credit Cooperation System, which will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for approval by the State Commission on Regulation of the Financial Services by the end of January, 2006.

January 17

MIM-Kyiv enjoys its high reputation proved by the “Financial Times”. “The Importance of Being Honest” article was published in Business Life section on January 16, 2006.

January 10

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, Chairman of the Board of the International Management Institute MIM-Kyiv on behalf of the Board announces that Dr. Yuri Poluneev will be appointed the President of MIM-Kyiv on January 1, 2006.

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