News for 2004 year

December 29

18 PMD “Mini-MBA” program participants were awarded their certificates.

December 29

On the eve of the New Year Dr. Bohdan Budzan conducted the seminar “Perspective Development for Molis Company”.

December 23

UMC Company, prominent mobile operator and MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine's first business school signed sponsorship agreement «Connect to knowledge capital».

December 17

On December 17 MIM-Kyiv celebrates the graduation of its 92 new MBAs.

December 9

On December 4-6, preparation workshop for PMP certification by Project Management Institute (PMI, USA) was held by MIM Kyiv together with Business Management Consultants (BMC) from Belgium.

December 3

Two management-education leaders have signed the Agreement of Collaboration to ensure their cooperation in the areas of academic, scientific and cultural study.

December 3

On December 1, Dr. Kamen Zahariev, EBRD Country Director for Ukraine delivered a very practical class on the principles and procedures of EBRD activities in Ukraine for MBA students.

December 3

TNK-Ukraine and MIM-Kyiv signed an agreement on cooperation.

November 24

On December 16, the joint IMD and MIM-Kyiv seminar “Effective Management: Strategy, Organization, Finance, People” will be held in MIM-Kyiv featuring Prof. Peter Lorange, professor of strategic management and IMD President (Switzerland).

November 23

On December 4 – 6 MIM-Kyiv and Business Management Consultants (BMC) from Belgium will conduct training course leading to the PMP certification by Project Management Institute (PMI, USA).

November 19

On November 19 Dr. Josyp Prokopenko, Honorary Doctor of Management (Oxford University) finished his Change Management Course.

November 18

On November 12, Dr. Bohdan Budzan, MIM-Kyiv President took part in efmd’s Board of Directors Meeting.

November 11

Mr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, instructor of IMI-Kyiv Marketing Department, quite popular Ukrainian case study writer got his case included into the Case Study Library of the Richard Ivey School of Business.

November 9

The Wall Street Journal today announced that the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon advanced to second place among the top 19 national MBA programs in a survey of 261 full-time programs worldwide.

October 20

Dr. Yury Navruzov from Economics Department co-chaired the Session of Management Section at the National Business Forum.

October 20

On October 15 Dr. Yury Navruzov, conducted Master’s Strategy Session for the top management of the Status insurance company. The Session was aimed at the development of the managers’ ability to formulate and implement business strategies.

October 14

Finn Kydland, a professor at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business and the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Carnegie Mellon alumnus and former Carnegie Mellon business school professor Edward Prescott, have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

October 14

“Accounting and Financial Reporting According to the IAS” new manual by Dr. Serhiy Golov and Dr. Valentyna Kostuchenko, Accounting Department faculty is on sale.

October 8
<p>On October 8 40 new students started their classes within the PMD (Finance & Accounting) program.</p>
October 4

CEEMAN IQA accreditation certificate confirming MIM-Kyiv’s unconditional accreditation has been awarded to Dr. Bohdan Budzan, MIM’s President during 12th Annual CEEMAN conference in St. Petersburg.

September 27

On September 24 MIM-Kyiv celebrated graduation of 25 MBA, AVAL Bank executives who accomplished the second corporate MBA program, conducted within the framework of strategic partnership under the network "Partnership for Effective Management (PEM)".

September 21

On September 18 MIM-Kyiv together with its long term corporate partner Aval Bank, its partner congratulated 38 graduates of its mid-term program in credit risk management.

September 21

On September 16, Ms. Corinne Kohler (Dresdener Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.) delivered “Swiss Banking System” presentation to MIM’s students. This class was a continuation of a cooperation started during the study tours.

September 15

On September10, MIM sposnsored EBA Movie Night that took place at the “Dovzhenko” Movie Studio in Kyiv. This was a joint initiative of the EBA and Ukrainian Film Development Fund.

September 14

On September 9, Mr. Stanislav Arzhevitin Chairman of the “AGGIO” Bank talked to MIM-Kyiv students about development of banking sector in Ukraine.

September 8

The Fall Season in MIM has started with the new product: Dr. Yury Navruzov launched “Business Strategies. Philosophy of Development and Methodology of Implementation”.

September 8

On August 26 Mr. Olexiy Strelnyk, Mr. Serhiy Veklenko, Gennadiy Rudenko, Olexander Vodotyka, Oksana Korolenko and Alla Voronova, MIM-Kyiv alumni participated in the “Real Skills of the Ukrainian Top-Managers” round table discussion conducted by the “Business” weekly.

August 13

Mr. Oleksandr Omelchenko, Kyiv City Mayor granted Prof. Serhiy Golov Mayors office awarded for his contribution into development of the accounting in Ukraine.

August 13

Prof. Bohdan Budzan congratulated International Management Institute St. Petersburg during the festivities dedicated to the celebration of the 15-th anniversery of one of the leaders of the Russian business education.

Except for participation in the celebration Prof. Budzan also visited Management Department of the St. Petersburg University.

July 8

Once again IMI-Kyiv’s activities are covered by Financial Times. In July 5 issue IMI-Kyiv IQA (CEEMAN) accreditation was covered.

July 5

Prof. Bohdan Budzan, IMI-Kyiv Director General took part in efmd Board of Directors meeting and Annual Conference “The Art of Diversity – Painting Outside the Lines” which was held in Madrid in June.

July 1

Read Interfax account of IMI-Kyiv press conference related to its international accreditation at Interfax site!

July 1

Ukrainian business education has won international recognition. International Management Institute (IMI-Kyiv) has been awarded unconditional accreditation by CEEMAN’s International Quality (IQA) Award for 5-years period.

June 18

On June 18 IMI-Kyiv celebrates graduation of two open PMD programs (mini-MBA).

June 17

State Central Archive of Ukraine which safe keeps unique materials concerning political and social activities in Ukraine and materials on the Ukraine’s outstanding public persons was proud to receive private archive of Dr. Bohdan Dmytrovych Hawrylyshyn, IMI-Kyiv Board of Directors Chairman and well-known public and political figure for safe-keeping.

June 17

That was how Mr. Dmytro Korol, Director General for Versia Company explained his selection of IMI-Kyiv for his company’s seminar.

June 4

IMI-Kyiv was the first to launch Young Managers Program to the domestic business community.

June 4

On June 4 we celebrated graduation of the second corporate PMD program for AVK Confectionery.

June 2

Dr. Valentyna Kostiuchenko and Dr. Serhiy Voronov took part in International Management Teachers Academy –5th edition in IEDC – Bled School of Management in Slovenia.

May 19

The new course in strategic bank management computer simulation developed by the joint Center for Innovative Teaching Technologies at IMI-Kyiv and Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business has been implemented in the corporate MBA program for Aval Bank.

May 17

Mr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, instructor of IMI-Kyiv Marketing Department, has started his work under the Joint Case Writing Project with Richard Ivey School of Business.

May 7

On May 6, Prof. Bohdan Budzan, IMI-Kyiv Rector met with Mr. Andreas Rickmers, Head of Representative Office of Cargill Enterprises, Inc.

May 5

On April 20 – 24 Prof. Bohdan Budzan participated in the Conference of the prominent business schools, universities, associations and companies in Yalta.

May 5

On April 26 regular Open PMD (mini-MBA) 2004 has been started. 18 successful managers joined IMI-Kyiv community.

April 23

Just read “Cash Flow Statement” article by Prof. Serhiy Golov. It was published in #4 edition of “Finansovyi Director” (Finance Director).

April 20

Dr. Serhiy Golov, Head of the Department of Accounting published his new article “4 Elements of Your Business” in “Management and Manager”, magazine, edition#2.

April 20

Mr. William H. Lash, III Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance decided on IMI-Kyiv to give his speech on corporate governance, as he believes that only top school can communicate good corporate governance standards to business community.

April 19
<p>That was the most typical graduate’s comment on the PMD (Finance&Accounting) program during the graduation ceremony on April 17.</p>
April 19

On April 16 Dr. Bohdan Budzan, IMI-Kyiv Rector delivered a lecture “Professional Management: A Vehicle to Success” for Ternopil business community.

April 15

Mr. William H. Lash, III Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance will speak on Corporate Governance in the International Management Institute (IMI-Kyiv). The lecture will be followed by the discussion.

April 7

Prof. Bohdan Budzan, IMI-Kyiv Rector met Acad. Boris Paton, the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

April 6

Prof. Serhiy Golov and Dr. Valentyna Kostiuchenko delivered the presentation “Consolidated Financial Statements in Ukriane: The Requirement of the Time” at the 27th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association (EAA) held in Prague.

March 31

This year “MBA Updates” New Project has been started within the framework of IMI-Kyiv Alumni Association activities. Prof. Max Goltsberg and Prof. Lina Khassan-Bek Masters’ seminar on Financial Management of Company’s Growth delivered on March 29 – 30 was the first step in implementing the Project.

March 30

How a business school should act towards management community and how to deal with industry was the focus of discussions during efmd External Relations Meeting in Umea in which Ms. Alla Voronova, IMI-Kyiv Marketing and International Relations Director participated in.

March 30

Dr. Godwin Wong, Haas School of Business (Berkley, USA) and IMI-Kyiv visiting faculty also serves on board of a several Banks and a number of high tech Silicon Valley ventures. Recently the Wall Street Journal rated the Bank Dr. Wong has been on Board for 9 years and a Chairman of its Investment/Credit/Loan Committee #1 among 1000 US major companies in 76 industries.

March 26

How to change for success and manages the changes on the way to it will be the topic for Dr. Josyp Prokopenko, IMI-Kyiv visit professor course which starts on March 26.

March 26

Dr. David Lamont, Professor of Strategic Management at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (GSIA), Carnegie Mellon University (rated #6 by the Wall Street Journal), IMI-Kyiv visit professor came to develop joint course in banking and finance and to introduce IMI-Kyiv students to Global Management Game 2004.

March 23

IMI-Kyiv is happy to congratulate our partner, “Institute of Oil Transportation” OJSC on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary!

March 22

On March 17 – 20, Marketing Department of IMI-Kyiv participated in the events within the Direct Marketing Days in Kyiv.

March 18

New marketing courses based upon the latest business-education technologies is being developed by Oleksiy Vynogradov, IMI-Kyiv instructor of marketing under his internship in the University of Michigan Business School and Kellog School of Management.

March 15

To research partnership opportunities and ways to internationalization of MBA programs Prof. Wulff Plinke, Dean, Mr. Mark Grace, Head of eBusiness and Learning Technologies òà Dr. Hans-Jorg Fechner, Head of Business Simulations from European School of Management and Technology (Germany) came to Kyiv on March 15 – 16.

March 15

Prof. David Lamont (Carnegie Mellon University), co-director for the Center of the Innovative Teaching Technologies has come to IMI-Kyiv to develop new mutual courses for Carnegie Mellon University and IMI-Kyiv MBA programs.

March 12

The week was short but very hectic. Back to history!

March 2

On February 27 – 28 “New Business Philosophy” National Ukrainian Business Forum took place in Kyiv. Entrepreneurs, top managers, business consultants and public figures took part in it. IMI-Kyiv assisted in organization of “Economic and Business Education in Ukraine: Clients, Demand and Supply” round-table discussion.

February 24

You can get acquainted with the text either in a newspaper itself or here, at our site.

February 23

On February 21 Mr. Olexiy Vinogradov, an instructor of the Marketing Department conducted “Using Case Study in Business Education” seminar in Lviv.

February 20

On February 20, Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak made “New Civil and Commercial Code of Ukraine: regulation of business companies, ownership relationship, and privity of contract. New aspects of securities industry regulation” presentation at the conference “New Civil and Commercial Code of Ukraine and Corporate Governance Issues”.

February 18

“Regulating Securities Market in Ukraine within the Framework Set by the New Civil and Commercial Code of Ukraine: Concepts and Classification” by Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak has been published in “Yurydychny Journal” (Legal Journal) #1 2004.

February 18

The Head of Business English Department –Ludmila Yevtushenko was the only representative of Ukraine, who attended an international workshop for language training managers held in Bath (United Kingdom).

February 11

Innovative teaching technologies gained additional momentum due to the present given by the Kyiv State City Administration and Mr. Oleksandr Omelchenko, Mayor of Kyiv and IMI-Kyiv member of the Board of Directors.

February 5

On February 5 Ukraine’s first Senior Executive MBA, which meet international standards for the program starts.

January 28

The year started with IMI-Kyiv faculty publications.

January 23

On January 23, 25 managers from five Ukraine’s regions has started their study under PMD (mini-MBA) program. It is the third open mid-term program executed by the International Management Institute (IMI-Kyiv).

January 16

On January 16 IMI-Kyiv welcomes 64 new 2004 – 2005 MBA (evening format) students.

January 13

The end of the last year witnessed changes in the IMI-Kyiv Board of Directors.

January 13

International cooperation with leading business schools has always been IMI-Kyiv’s priority. Leon Kozminsky Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, LKAEM (Poland) is a long-term partner of IMI-Kyiv. New (till 2008) cooperation agreement with LKAEM, the only Central European’s EQUIS-accredited business-school, IMI-Kyiv long-term partner, has been signed recently.

January 13

Dr. Volodymyr Pospolitak has published his new article on the ownership rights to securities.

 Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)